ToothPic is an official university spin-off of Politecnico di Torino, a major engineering school in Italy and Europe, and is incubated in the university incubator I3P, recently recognized by UBI Global as the best public incubator worldwide. ToothPic was founded by a team of 4 researchers and professors from Politecnico di Torino, and in 2018 received a seed from VV3TT, an Italian Venture Capital fund dedicated to Technology Transfer from public research.

ToothPic technology recognizes the unique pattern of invisible imperfections that characterize smartphone cameras to protect cryptographic keys stored on devices, that are commonly used for user authentication, digital signature, blockchain related applications. This additional layer of security can be obtained with no additional hardware.

ToothPic technology is protected by 4 patents, and won several prizes in competitions dedicated to startups (StartCup and PNI in Italy), and twice the Seal of Excellence issued by the European Commission.