Our mission is to help organizations to protect their digital assets by turning every customers’ smartphones in a verification key for a secure, frictionless and user-friendly passwordless online authentication.


ToothPic’s vision is making available the uniqueness of our multifactor authentication solution to create secure and user-friendly digital environments where people can authenticate themselves anywhere and at any time with a simple click on their smartphones.


ToothPic is a deep tech Cybersecurity company founded by a team of 4 professors and researchers with years of experience in the fields of camera identification, security and forensic analysis. ToothPic has invented, designed, developed and patented a solution to enable companies to turn every smartphone into a secure key for a user-friendly online authentication.


OUR investors

ToothPic has raised 1.1M€ in funding between 2018 and 2020.

Our investors Vertis Venture 3 Tech Transfer Fund (VV3TT) and Club degli Investitori with the support of I3P helped us to transform a brilliant scientific discovery into a unique product that contributes to solving the problem of secure user authentication.