WhiteCryption SecuresMobile Payment Ecosystem for ToothPic and Viva Wallet

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WhiteCryption SecuresMobile Payment Ecosystem for ToothPic and Viva Wallet

Companies Supporting Innovative Mobile Payments Continue to Rely on Intertrust’s whiteCryption Technologies As the Mobile Attack Surface Expands.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—January 28, 2021— Intertrust subsidiary whiteCryption today announced the adoption of its whiteCryption application shielding and software tamper resistance solutions by ToothPic and Viva Wallet. These two innovative mobile payment-related companies use proprietary whiteCryption technology to protect their payment apps against reverse engineering and other types of malicious attacks.

ToothPic, a provider of cryptographic key protection, is a spin-off of a renowned Italian incubator connected to the Polytechnic University of Turin, The company leverages unique features of the camera sensors in mobile phones to protect crucial cryptographic keys in a decentralized manner. ToothPic will use whiteCryption’s Secure Key Box whitebox cryptography solution to increase the security of their Key Protection SDK.

Viva Wallet, a cloud-based neobank and provider of the Viva Wallet mobile payments solution, offers  fully localized payment services for businesses in 23 European countries. Viva Wallet will use Code Protection and Secure Key Box technology to further strengthen the security of its solutions.

“With mobile payments now a part of everyday life, the software that runs the mobile ecosystem is an increasingly tempting target for hackers,” said Prateek Panda, product marketing director at Intertrust. “We’re honored to welcome ToothPic and Viva Wallet to the family of companies that recognize the value of our solutions in protecting this crucial infrastructure.”

The mobile payment ecosystem continues to rely on whiteCryption’s Code Protection and Secure Key Box whitebox cryptography to help protect crucial payment infrastructure. Adoption of these solutions demonstrate both the continued growth of Intertrust whiteCryption in the mobile payment market, and the industry’s resolve to strengthen its cybersecurity underpinnings. 

In particular, as remote access, cloud-based collaboration and computing at the edge have accelerated amid the Covid-19 pandemic, demand has greatly increased for contactless payments. ToothPic and Viva Wallet are tapping innovative technologies from Intertrust to meet this demand, and ensure mobile applications and devices remain secure no matter where they are used.

“Our Key Protection SDK is a leap forward for the security of mobile payment apps,” said Giulio Coluccia, CEO and co-founder of ToothPic. “Intertrust’s whiteCryption technologies will further strengthen its robustness.”

Intertrust supports  many advanced digital payments solutions vendors including Felix Payment Systems and the Soft POS ecosystem to help them get to market faster while strengthening the security of their products. 

About whiteCryption

whiteCryption is a leading provider of application shielding, software code protection and the world’s most advanced white-box cryptography products. whiteCryption is managed by Intertrust Technologies, which supplies its patented technologies to the world’s leading software, hardware and content companies in the entertainment, automotive, IoT, healthcare, finance, banking, and digital payment industries. whiteCryption security solutions protect mobile apps, desktop applications, firmware and embedded applications, and are available for all popular platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as embedded systems. For more information visit www.intertrust.com/whitecryption/.

About ToothPic

ToothPic is a spin-off of Politecnico di Torino, a major engineering school in Italy and Europe. ToothPic was founded by a team of 4 professors and researchers from the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications with years of experience in the fields of camera identification, security and forensic analysis. ToothPic has invented, designed, developed and patented a solution to turn every smartphone into a secure key for online authentication. The technology is currently protected by 4 patents. ToothPic received 1.1M€ in funding between 2018 and 2020 and is supported by I3P, the incubator of Politecnico for innovative companies, the best public incubator worldwide according to the UBI Global ranking in 2019. For more information: www.toothpic.eu, or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet is a cloud-based neobank, offering fully localised payment services to businesses in 23 European countries, which include a local IBAN Accounts, Card Acceptance services (Acquiring) through card terminals and online, as well as Viva Wallet Business Debit Cards (Issuing). Viva Wallet is a Principal Member of Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Viva Wallet Holdings owns a subsidiary Greek banking company (VIVABANK SA) and a subsidiary E-money Institution as per PSD II Directive provisions with pass porting rights across the entire EEA Region.  



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