ToothPic Joins C2PA

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ToothPic Joins C2PA

ToothPic Joins The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authentication (C2PA) to fight digital manipulation and ensure content authenticity

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone for ToothPic: our recent membership with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity, known as C2PA. This membership marks an important step towards fighting the spread of manipulated and fake digital content across the web landscape.

C2PA – Challanges and Goals

The average person spends more than 8 hours a day consuming digital content. Content provenance and authentication, which is the concept of providing transparency into the history of content creation and modification, has never been more important. People make decisions based on the content they consume – news, entertainment, personal and professional information, or advertising etc. Consequently, the ability to determine the authenticity of that content has far-reaching implications.

The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authentication (C2PA) is an open-standard that keeps a record of content provenance through a technology called public-key cryptology. This standard allows content across mediums to carry a manifest of provenance that includes data such as the identity of the creator, date and location of creation, and any subsequent modification.

ToothPic Contribution

At ToothPic, we fully support the goals of C2PA against digital manipulation. Our primary contribution involves providing unique, unclonable credentials that are embedded in our solution to electronically sign digital contents.

But what exactly are these unclonable embedded signature credentials? ToothPic’s solution leverages the unique and unclonable features of digital camera sensors. Imagine you take a photo with your device and want to ensure its authenticity. With ToothPic, the private key, essential for generating cryptographic signatures of media content, is securely linked to the device and cannot be cloned to a different device. The public key is incorporated into a certificate signed by a trusted service provider, verifying the identity of the keypair owner. This allows anyone with the certificate to verify the legitimacy of signatures generated by the corresponding private key.

ToothPic’s patented technology uniquely links the signing private key to the digital camera sensor. Each sensor has a unique pattern, making every device different from all others ever produced. If the private key is associated with a specific camera, only that device can produce valid cryptographic signatures.

By implementing these unclonable embedded signature credentials, ToothPic aims to enhance security against the proliferation of manipulated digital content. Whether it’s safeguarding the integrity of journalistic images or preserving the authenticity of user-generated content, our innovative solution offers unparalleled security in an increasingly uncertain digital environment.

For additional details on ToothPic’s digital signature technology, visit ToothPic Digital Signature.

About C2PA

The C2PA was formed by a consortium of companies and has 800 signatory members today. The Steering Committee for the C2PA was formed in 2021 originally as a combination of efforts by Microsoft’s Project Origin and Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative. In addition to Microsoft and Adobe, the BBC, Intel, Publicis Groupe, Sony, and TruePic sit on the Steering Committee.

For more information, visit C2PA.

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