Is your company smart-working ready?

Is your company smart-working ready?

How ToothPic can secure employees’ access to company online resources

Smart and remote workers use their homes as their offices. The number of such workers dramatically increased during 2020. Employees are using new systems and adhering to security policies in the best way, though not always in the safest way.

In this scenario, the main vulnerabilities are represented by:

  • Personal devices used as work devices
  • Home networks used to access company resources

Personal devices do not have the same protections as company-provided devices and the same monitoring level and quality. Home networks use cheap consumer-level network devices with obsolete, compromised or misconfigured software and network protection.

Those problems have been recently acknowledged by 85% of company CISOs: the target of cybersecurity attacks are the employees. And the security incident occured to Twitter in July 2020 is one of the major and most worrying examples.

So why can ToothPic increase the security level of smart-working? Because ToothPic has developed and patented a technology turning every smartphone into a secure authentication key. The solution is: 

  • SECURE. It protects the access credential using the unique hardware imperfections of camera sensors. Only the registered device can unlock the credential.
  • EASY TO USE. The user experience is streamlined. A single click is enough to verify the credential. See it in action when logging from a PC or from a mobile device.
  • EASY TO INTEGRATE. Available as an SDK for Android and iOS, it protects the most commonly used asymmetric public/private key types.

Want to learn more? Read our use cases and download our white paper.