Mobile Developer 2020 (Eng)

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Job description

ToothPic has developed and patented a breakthrough authentication technology based on smartphone camera identification, that exploits the unicity of camera sensors to improve the security and user-experience of current multi-factor authentication systems.

The technology is currently implemented as an Android and iOS library generating cryptographic keys tied to the camera sensor, and a corresponding FIDO2/U2F authenticator based on the library. These products are soon going to enter the market. 

We are looking for a motivated candidate to assist the development team by adding new functionalities to the library, and supporting its integration in third-party apps in the context of pilot projects.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Implementation of improvements and new functionalities to the Android and iOS library (e.g., modification of the picture shooting algorithm, optimization of shooting during the user registration process).
  • Extension of the FIDO2/U2F authenticator, e.g. by adding new interfaces towards identity provisioning services, implementation of support for new browsers and new transport levels between smartphone and PC.
  • Support to third parties for integration of the library in smartphone apps, in the framework of pilot projects aimed at entering the market.
  • Testing, debug, deployment and documentation.


The ideal candidate should have experience with Android/iOS development, preferably of SDK/libraries.

Knowledge of standard cryptographic libraries is a desired skill as well as experience with Android/iOS development and iOS camera management is a plus.

Previous experience with interfaces towards identity providers and authentication systems as well as knowledge of the FIDO2/WebAuthn specifications will be considered positively.

Location: Turin, Italy

Placement: Full-time contract

Mobile Developer 2020
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